Our Services

Beyond getting the body you always wanted, Nova offers training for varied types of people.

If you are looking to become firm and toned, strength training is exactly what you are looking for. Contrary to popular belief, Strength training is the preferred way to change body composition in the fitness industry, not cardio.

Strength training focuses on the “main lifts” (squat, benchpress, deadlift) with “assistance lifts” to target your weaknesses. We will slowly build how much weight you’re lifting over time and never exceed any weight you can’t handle. I couldn't recommend this program enough.

GPP doesn’t stray too far from my strength program - the difference is training strength and cardio together.

My GPP program is circuit-based. We will switch in between heavy lifting and cardio recovery periods.

This program is great for anyone in a recreational or competitive sport.

Control over your own body is a gift. Bodyweight training puts less stress on your joints and teaches you to activate certain muscle groups you haven’t used in quite a while.

If weights are not your thing, This is a great program for you. We will train a combination of practices including gymnastics, calisthenics, yoga, and martial arts.

Orthopedic injuries are all too common - over 50% of the US population will be faced with a life-long, nagging injury.

I will work with your physical therapist to ensure the safest route to your fitness goal. We will also take preventative measures by assessing your posture and imbalances.

You might be the type of person who just really doesn’t like to work out. Kickboxing is a great way to stay in shape and have fun.

It’s a great way to express all that pent up aggression. It will also teach you some fundemental self defense tactics.

This is not your typical S&C program. I primarily focus on mobility, posture, and injury prevention.

This training isn’t meant to exhaust you. You work hard enough in the gym as it is. Within each session you should come out feeling strong, mobile, and with a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

Special fighter’s discount: contact me for details with a scanned copy of your fighter registration card.